Mass Mayhem Course Map

Picture this mountain with all it’s elevation changes, ski slopes, surrounded by woods, full of a thousand of your new best friends, covered in mud, trenches and tunnels, trails carved out, and obstacles constructed! What could those spheres represent? What fun would it be if we showed you the whole course?! Mass Mayhem is unlike any other race, so let your imagination run wild!

Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect at Mass Mayhem:

Over and Under
Work your speed and agility as you tackle a series of walls and hurdles. Pull yourself over the 4 foot walls and get low to crawl under the sawhorses. Over 100 feet long, this obstacle is sure to get your heart rate up!

Pulse Buster
Now that you are all warmed up we are going to really test your strength and endurance. You will find your pulse rate go up as you charge down and up a sequence of deep, muddy trenches

Cargo Crawl
Find your way to the top of an 8 foot wall and steady yourself as you make your way across 15 feet of cargo net to get to the other side.

Rope Swing
Test out your balancing skills and your arm strength when you approach these ropes. You’ll need to steady yourselves on these ropes and go from one to the next before walking away from this challenge

Monkey Around
See if you have the upper body strength for the playground! Get yourself across these bars without falling and you’ll feel like a kid again! We assure you that these are not the same monkey bars you were on when you were younger!

Mayhem Web
Check out your Mission Impossible moves as you find yourself in this large web of Mayhem! There will be plenty of chances to trip up as you crawl through, under, and over this obstacle of rope.

Wall Climbs
You will be tested on many different levels with various wall climbs. Whether it’s an incline wall or a flat wall, 6 feet high, or 10 feet high, you will get over these walls using your sheer strength!